Company name Misr Travel Company
Chairman Mr. Rashad Ahmed Refai Mousa
Managing director Mr. Samir Hanfy Nsar
Tel. number (202) 24825635
Fax number (202) 26834216
Address Misr Travel  Tower, Abbasyia Square, Cairo,Egypt

1 Talaat  Harb st, down  town

The Holding Company for Tourism and Hotels owns 99.85% of the company.

Company Background:

Established in 1934, by the great Egyptian economist “Talaat Harb“, no doubt MISR TRAVEL is the first travel company in Egypt and the Middle East.
The company has hotels, Nile cruisers, floating restaurants, in addition to Magawish Village, the first and greatest resort in Hurgada, the Red Sea Governorate.
Today Misr travel offers its services not only in Egypt but also around the world, in Europe, Middle East, USA and Japan.
The slogan of its team is: your satisfaction is our goal.
The company also shares in joint ventures operating in the field of tourism and hotels.

Main Activity:

The company’s main activities include international travel, domestic tourism, religious tourism, ticketing and freight, hotels, Nile cruisers, floating restaurants, tourist coaches and limousines.

Indicator   2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016
Net Operating Revenue 282252 440913 574278
Interest Expenses 10940 12029 (11371)
Net Income (59496) (6723) 28150
Net Equity 52143 37901 2600
Working Capital (89952) (86433) (84759)
Total Investment (89952) 150714 119267
Salaries 109752 120608 131813
Number of workers 3328 3278 2652

Address: Misr Travel Tower, Abbasyia Square, Cairo, Egypt.
Establishment Date: 1934
Holding Company Ownership: 99.85%
issued Capital: 168.839.118 Million pounds
No. of Shares: 28139835

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