– The issued capital: 75.518 million Egyptian Pounds
– Contribution value: 1,058 million Egyptian Pounds
– Contribution percentage: 1.4 %
Company Assets:
– Saint Catherine Village, Taba, Southern Sinai, Egypt.
– Salah El–Din Castle Hotel, Taba, Southern Sinai,Egypt.
– Ras Sudr Village.

Shares of Misr Travel Company

Company name Misr Travel Company
Chairman Mrs. Amani Eltorgoman -Mr Mostafa Elnaggar
Address Misr Travel Tower , Abbasyia Square, Cairo, Egypt
Tel. number (202) 24825635
Fax number (202) 26834216
Email tourism@misrtravel.net        chairman@misrtravel.net
Website https://misrtravelco.net/


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