– The issued capital: 50 million Egyptian pounds.
– Contribution value: 3.20 million Egyptian pounds
– Contribution percentage: 6.4 %
Company Assets:
– Zahraa Al-Maadi project

– The issued capital:1.065 billion Egyptian pounds.
– Contribution value:1 million Egyptian pounds
– Contribution percentage: 0.09 %

Company Projects:

Establishment of cities and new communities in deserted areas and areas outside the anciant valley.

Shares of Maamoura Company for Construction & Tourist Development

Company name El Maamoura Company For Construction & Tourist Development
Chairman Eng. Ahmad Shahata Abd El Gwad
Address 8 Moustafa Kamel St. – Smooha – Alexandria
4 Latin America st. – Garden city – Cairo
Tel. number (203) 4210022 –  (202) 27927402
Fax. number (203) 4210026
Email info@maamoura.com.eg
Website www.maamoura. com.eg


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