Novotel Cairo Airport Hotel

Ownership:Achti Company.
Category:Four Stars.
Management:Accor Hotels Company
Area:Total area is 1600 m2
The hotel has a number of 313 rooms and suites are designed according to the latest hotel models to suit and realize the needs of guests and hotel clients from different segments and nationalities, and offers Internet service (Wi-Fi) free all over the hotel, as well as connecting guests free to and from the airport around the clock service.
The company’s management has added all the required services that meet the luxury and comfort of the guests from a variety of restaurants, and a swimming pool for adults and another for children as well as a health club features a lounge for Jim equipped with the latest sports equipment and offer that service free of charge to hotel guests, as the health club includes a jacuzzi, sauna and room enjoy a massage with steam, the hotel is six multi-purpose halls, nine of 300 and contains up to 20 personnel to meet the different needs of individuals and companies, the hotel also offers weddings and concerts open the park service nine, which up to 600 people.
For the sake of the company’s management at the convenience of guests and create an atmosphere of intimacy, entertainment and fun hotel has been supplying Eastern tent for drinks and shisha and Oriental specialties and enjoy it while Bohaly paragraphs Alband the East until the early hours of the morning.
Room Capacity:313 rooms and suites are designed according to the latest hotel Models

Phone : (202) 2918520- (203) 4210022
Fax :
E-mail :
Web Site : http://www.novotel/

Address:Inside the campus of Cairo International Airport Cairo

HOTAC Assets

Use the emergency brake in tricky passages and bring all passengers safely to the next train station.
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