Company Information

Company name Holding Company for Tourism and Hotels
Chairman Ms. Mervat Ali Hataba
Tel.  (202) 27940036- 24013039- 24013038
Fax.  (202) 27952056- 24012912
Address 4 Latin America Street, Garden City ,Cairo, Egypt
6 Elmokhyyam Eldaem Street, 6th District, Nasr City,Cairo, Egypt

Board Of Directors

Ms. Mervat Aly Hassanein  Hataba Chairman 
Mr. Adel Amin Wally
Mr. Mohamed wahab- Allah Mohamed
Mr. Amr  Mohamed El Shafay
Mr. Aymen Fouad Abd El-Aziz
 Mr. Mohamed Maged El-Menshawy
Board Members
Legal Advisor to the Company:
 Mr. Ashraf Abd El-Sadek

Affiliated Companies:

1. Egyptian General Company for Tourism & Hotels ”EGOTH”
2. El-Maamoura Company for Construction & Tourist Development
3. Misr Company for Sound, Light
4. Egyptian Products Company
5. Clothes & Consumer Products Company (Sednaoui)
6. Modern Fashion Company ( Benzaion – Adas – Revoli )
7. High Fashion Stores Company (Hanaux – Salon vert – Cicurel – Gatinue – Pontrimoly)

8. Misr Travel Company
9. Misr Hotels Company

in Egyptian pounds

Indicator 2016/2017 2017/2018 2018/2019
Net Operating Revenue 207420880 180752543 275632173
Interest Expenses
Net Income 163068963 155801143 191656585
Working Capital 2053830539 2562166795 2661678698
Number of workers 191 191 186

Joint Ventures:

 The company also shares in  joint ventures operating in the fields of tourism and hotels.

– The issued capital :146.089 million Egyptian pounds.
– Contribution value: 30 million Egyptian pounds
– Contribution percentage: 20.54%

Company Projects:

Establishment of apartments and villas on the two sides of the road to the Red Sea suitable for middle class citizens.

– The issued capital : 55 million Egyptian pounds
– Contribution percentage of HOTAC: 10%
– Contribution value: 5500 million Egyptian pounds

* The capital of the company has been reduced by 55 million Egyptian Pounds as a result of selling the land and the hotel of Albalina.
HOTAC got 5.5 million Egyptian Pounds ( the value of its contribution to the company’s capital ).

Company Projects

Managing, operating and developing the floating Hotels “Tut & Hoteb”

– The issued capital: 35 million Egyptian pounds
– Contribution value: 70 thousand Egyptian pounds
– Contribution percentage: 0.2 %

– The issued capital: 30 million Egyptian pounds
– Contribution value: 3.75 million Egyptian pounds
– Contribution percentage: 12.5%

– The issued capital: 1.065 billion Egyptian pounds 
– Contribution value: 58.800 million Egyptian pounds
– Contribution percentage: 5.52%

Chairman's Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Holding Company for Tourism and Hotels (“HOTAC”), hoping that it will provide you with detailed information about our company’s  subsidiaries, joint ventures and assets.

HOTAC is one of the leading companies in the field of tourism and hotels in Egypt and the Arab world, which has a great experience in this field.

HOTAC is supported by Board Members with great experience in the fields of tourism, hotels, economy and administration, and also by highly qualified staff willing and able to achieve the company’s goals.

HOTAC is also supported by subsidiaries with extensive experience, most of which were founded at the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century.

HOTAC owns a group of the most luxurious historic and modern hotels in Egypt, operated by the most renowned and reputable international hotel management companies. Some of our historic hotels were inaugurated in the nineteenth century.

In order to maintain our leading position on top of the companies operating in the field of tourism and hotels nationally and globally, and also to keep up with the latest international developments in this field, we regularly renovate and develop our hotels and tourist facilities according to international standards.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that our primary goal is to provide our guests with excellent service, convenient and pleasant stay.

I welcome you once again to our website. We highly appreciate any comment and feedback you may have, in the aim of strengthening our relations and enriching this site with your valued contributions.

Mervat Hataba
The Holding Company for Tourism and Hotels


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